Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Fish Bowl of Life

This is for my sister, Butterbean, who will think this is funny for sure:

I went to your blog yesterday (as I already told you) and was curious about how blogspot works, so I created an account. When I put in my username for my blog as ceilon it told me that was already taken. Drat! I figured my namesake niece had just beaten me to the punch, so I set up my blog as ceilonaspensen. I go to my new blog and click on “View Blog” and see my blank blog page. Out of curiosity I remove “aspensen” from the url (so becomes to see if that is my niece Ceilon’s blog. The page changes but it looks exactly the same—same template, colors, and lack of any content. Curious. So I think, well maybe I already signed up for a blog and don’t remember it. I try to log in and can’t, so I choose the “Forgot Password” option. It tells me to type in the name of the blog ( that I want to have them send me the password for. I get an on-screen message that says that an email has been sent to my email account. Hmmmmm…… I check my email and sure enough there is an email telling me that I should click on the link below to regain access to that account. I do, and am taken to another screen that tells me that all blogs for existing Google mail account holders (even though I have my own domain-based email I host that email at Google for free—it’s awesome) must login under their Google account. I do, and now I have two blog accounts listed in there: and

And the moral of this story, boys and girls, is that “it’s Hell to be old!” as my long-gone friend Bessie Mulhurn said so often. I actually almost remember when I might have set up this blog account (about six or seven years ago), but did so, never put anything on it, and then completely forgot that I had done it. What’s more is that when I was choosing a template for my new blog account just now I spent a good 5-10 minutes trying to figure out which one I would like, even though it says right there that you can change the template any time (but you know me). So when I find this old blog that I barely (if at all) remember setting up for myself, guess what? It is the exact same template that I agonized over choosing this morning.

And the moral of THAT story, boys and girls, is that I’m so damned predictable it isn’t even funny. Not only did I forget that I already had a blog account, but I also chose the same template and colors that I chose before, and spent quite a bit of time figuring it out, only to have it be exactly what I had chosen before. I should just give up ever trying anything new because it appears that I will always outsmart myself and choose the same thing that I always choose, even when I don’t remember that I already chose it before.

OR, perhaps I should just enjoy the fact that every trip around the fish bowl is a new experience for me, and not spend any time at all worrying about whether I’ve been here and done this before (because, apparently, I’m going to forget it anyway). OR, perhaps I should just become one with my predictability and forgetfulness and enjoy the zen-ness of that.

Whatever. I’ve got a blog now, and now I have something posted to it. Here’s hoping I remember to come back here sometime and post something else.

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