Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Anderson Cooper Asks the RIGHT Question (In This Case)

Even Anderson Cooper thinks people are asking the wrong questions. Though I frequently disagree with the approach and tactics of news media, on this one I happen to agree with the question Anderson Cooper asks in his pre-CNN/YouTube Republican debate: "What were they thinking?" You can view this video at and get a minimal glimpse of what some people thought it was important to ask (we'll no doubt hear the better questions at the debate itself). Mostly, this little video blurb reveals what NOT to do when videotaping yourself for a national media event.

I definitely think that we Americans take ourselves far too seriously most of the time when it comes to politics, and that it is probably good for us to lighten up from time to time. But this Anderson Cooper spot is more evidence that we're becoming collectively sillier and sillier. Perhaps we should take things like Presidential Election campaigns and our participation in them far more seriously. I mean, look what happened the last time--need I say more? Tighten up, America! Four to eight years is a long time to have to suffer the consequences of our silly attitudes toward politics.

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Butterbean said...

Right you are, sis.

Are these people !supposed! to be taken seriously?

Here's a good question (I'm too late to submit it to Anderson Cooper):

Ms./Mr. Candidate, do you intend to perpetuate: the dumbing-up of most American children because of many parent's lack of concern about/involvement in their children's education; the fattening-up and sickening of Americans by the toxic environment of the processed food industry; laziness of American children due to the lack of any real physical education in our public schools? How do you intend to respond to our enemies when they easily walk through the front door of our country (after having been invited) and find most of us stupid, fat, sick and lazily watching television? - What will you do about that?