Monday, May 03, 2010

Yo Zambullirse el zorro con el yeso en la agua.

WHY, you may be asking, would I plunge the fox with the plaster cast into the water? There could be so many reasons: he might need a bath; he might be trying to bite me, and this was the best way to distract him.

OR I might have drawn the words "el zorro," "zambullirse," and "el yeso" from my new "Spark Notes Study Cards: MORE Spanish Vocabulary Study Cards" box! (For those of you still wondering, no you do not have to call the ASPCA on me--I am not being cruel to wild animals with disabilities.)

(Free fox photo courtesy of Clipart Graphics.)

Combined with the strategies I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have added the vocabulary cards, as well as the "Grammar Study Cards" (same publisher) to my Spanish language tool box.

I can already tell that I need to shuffle the cards--apparently they are in alphabetical order, and the "front" end of the box starts with "z" and moves back toward "a." This is not exactly a natural way to learn a foreign language. (Did YOU learn to say new words in alphabetical order when you were a baby? I didn't think so. Neither did I.)

So, today yo zambullirse el zorro con el yeso en la agua. If I manage to finish dunking him without getting my arm ripped off, I'll see if that box of grammar cards can teach me how to say "dipped/plunged" (past tense) instead of "dip/plunge" (present tense).

Meanwhile, buenos dias mi amigos!

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